We are born with the ambition of spreading voices and topics silenced by what is dominant. We translate female authors who write in minority languages.

Only women. Only minority languages. This is our choice.

We know that we only win if we all win, that´s why we are proud to be fair trade publishers. And we are committed to supporting organisations in the UK that help women to live freely and with dignity.

We are 3TimesRebel.

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  • 3TimesRebel. This is who we are

    3TimesRebel. This is who we are

    3TimesRebel Press publishes only works originally written in minority languages. Europe alone is home to more than 60 minority languages (e.g. Catalan, Basque, Gaelic, Welsh) spoken by 50 million people, but they are still underrepresented in the literary offer of fiction in translation.
  • Jacob Rogers, translator of Galician and Spanish literature

    Jacob Rogers, translator of Galician and Spanish literature

    We would like to introduce you to Jacob Rogers. He is a translator of Galician and Spanish literature, and he has beautifully translated from Galician our new upcoming title THE DEAR ONES, by Berta Dávila. He has been awarded grants by the National Endowment for the Arts and the PEN/Heim Translation fund. He has also co-edited features of Galician literature for Words Without Borders, Asymptote, and The Riveter.
  • Introducing Berta Dávila

    Introducing Berta Dávila

    Let us introduce you to Berta Dávila, author of our upcoming new title THE DEAR ONES, beautifully translates from Galician by Jacob Rogers. Berta Dávila is widely recognized as one of the most critically acclaimed Galician writers at present. She became known in the world of writing with the publication of "O derradeiro libro de Emma Olsen" (2013). The book won the best fiction award at the Galician Publishers' Association Prize and was translated into both Spanish and Italian.