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  • No longer a dream but a reality

    By Bibiana Mas.
    After two years of hard work, of putting all my passion and effort, and the effort of all the people who are part of 3TimesRebel, finally, my project comes to light. Now it is no longer a dream but a reality. Or is it the reality that has become a dream? Who knows ...
  • Mothers Don´t

    By Bibiana Mas.
    It was written in the stars that, one day, I was going to publish Mothers Don't. It had to be. It was all planned (in a time-space that my eyes still can’t see), even long before 3TimesRebel Press was created. I have no doubt about that.
  • Dead Lands

    By Bibiana Mas.
    Don't you dare to publish first novels, you already have so much to choose from, what a mistake it would be, who knows how it will turn out.
    You should have seen me: I, being an easily fixated person, spent I don't know how many nights with Núria Bendicho's book inside my head. I acknowledge that at that time almost nobody knew her. And of course, such a young writer, how bold you are!