About 3TimesRebel Press



We are born with the ambition of spreading voices and topics silenced by what is dominant. We translate female authors who write in minority languages.

Only women. Only minority languages. This is our choice.

We know that we only win if we all win, that´s why we are proud to be fair trade publishers. And we are committed to supporting organisations in the UK that help women to live freely and with dignity.

We are 3TimesRebel.






We often face the same question: why our books are not cheaper? But let us ask the question the other way round: at what point in the book chain production (from start to finish) something is not done correctly to make the price of so many books so cheap? We are not willing to lower the value of our collaborators or the quality of our books, that's why they are worth what they are worth, not a penny more, not a penny less.


As a pioneering fair trade publisher, at 3TimesRebel Press we are committed to doing the right thing with our partners, our community and our planet, as reflected in our mantra “we only win if we all win.” We work to achieve equitable agreements with the authors, translators, illustrators and partners. Our books are locally printed in the UK using responsibly sourced paper, minimising carbon footprint and following environmentally friendly standards.


We are also committed to supporting charitable initiatives empowering women in the UK. At the end of each financial year we are committed to donating part of our profits to a different charitable organisation each time, in order to give back to the community that gives us so much every day.


We are fairtraders. This is our choice.


Meet the team

I am Bibiana, Catalan by birth and Scottish by adoption. I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend; a doula, an antenatal teacher, a bookseller, a home-educator and even sometimes a waitress. I am a bookworm with a Masters in Book Publishing and a poetry lover. But above all, I am a beauty hunter and a sunrise catcher.

3TimesRebel is a personal project born out of my passion for literature and my rebellion against a world that too often makes women invisible and does not allow us to fully develop our professional careers. I have managed to convince a fantastic group of people (committed and exceptionally talented) to join 3TimesRebel Press. And with them, I am convinced that the project will be a resounding success.

The first memories I can remember of myself are sitting in a desk creating things. Whether holding a pencil, a brush or a Wacom tablet I always felt connected to the present moment while creating visuals.

I´ve been working more than 20 years in leading audio-visual editing, content creation, graphic design & innovative projects and I am now thrilled to be part of 3TR!

Enric Jardí’s work has focused on magazine and publication design and art direction, book covers, corporate identity, typography, and illustration. His clients have included numerous local and global organizations and a selection of international and national companies which include The Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), The City of Barcelona, ​​Catalunya Caixa Foundation, “la Caixa”, Generalitat de Catalunya, Grup 62, Grupo Z, La Vanguardia Newspaper, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), Penguin Random House, The Boston Phoenix, RBA, Sala Beckett, Sàpiens, The Chicago Reader, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, The New York Times, IESE, Casals, and the Museu Picasso. www.enricjardi.com

Architect and self-taught artist. In my compositions I use graphite, watercolour and Chinese ink. I draw everyday situations, real life scenes, often altered from my own personal point of view, halfway between humour and critique. The relationship between the illustration and the empty space of the canvas reinforces the importance of each scene; on the other hand, the decision to isolate the people from the world around them allows the spectator to imagine their own story. @Anna Pont

The fear of losing fades away the moment you realise that everything is given and that nothing belongs to you.

That thought came to my mind while I was walking the Camino De Santiago in the summer of 2018. After 20 years of focussing the energy on achieving, competing for everything and chasing things that I would never catch … I realised that the only way to find peace of mind was trough gratitude and purpose. 
That’s why I fell in love with 3TimesRebel Press. A project with a genuine soul and with the ambition to transform the status quo. A generous initiative fighting for social justice in which I can bring my talent and my vast experience in the world of management, marketing & sales, putting ethics ahead of the profit and showing to the world that a fairer way of doing business is possible.