Introducing Berta Dávila

Introducing Berta Dávila

Let us introduce you to Berta Dávila, author of our upcoming new title THE DEAR ONES, beautifully translated from Galician by Jacob Rogers. Berta Dávila is widely recognized as one of the most critically acclaimed Galician writers at present. She became known in the world of writing with the publication of "O derradeiro libro de Emma Olsen" (2013). The book won the best fiction award at the Galician Publishers' Association Prize and was translated into both Spanish and Italian.


This recognition is just one of many, as her works have won many awards. For “Carrusel” (2019) she received the Manuel García Barros Novel Prize and the Premio de la Crítica española de narrativa en lengua gallega, which she also won in the poetry category for her collection “Raíz da Fenda” (2013). Her novel “Illa Decepción” (2020) won the Repsol Short Story Prize. “Os Seres Queridos” (The Dear Ones), winner of the Xerais Novel Prize, is her latest book.

"In the face of painful things, the ironic gaze seems to me an intelligent form of detachment" -  Berta Dávila


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