3TimesRebel. This is who we are

3TimesRebel. This is who we are

3TimesRebel Press publishes only works originally written in minority languages. Europe alone is home to more than 60 minority languages (e.g. Catalan, Basque, Gaelic, Welsh) spoken by 50 million people, but they are still underrepresented in the literary offer of fiction in translation.

3TimesRebel Press aims to bring overlooked gems written in minority languages to the attention of the English-speaking world, always producing high-quality translations directly from the original language.

In addition, 3TimesRebel Press focuses exclusively on books written by women, giving top talented women’s voices from minority communities around the world the opportunity to reach a wide audience through translation into English.

All works published by 3TimesRebel Press aims to inspire deep, challenging conversations. Based on the firm belief that literature can change our perceptions and judgements of others, by increasing our empathy for the characters and stories we read, the stories published by 3TimesRebel Press feature disruptive narratives that aim to shake our preconceptions, shatter our prejudices and spark fruitful debate about the key issues facing society today, from abortion to post-natal psychosis, and from prostitution to abuse within lesbian relationships.

Let´s make the invisible visible (⋮)

Artwork by Anna Pont.


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