• International Translation Week. Kristin Addis.

    International Translation Week. Kristin Addis.

    We are in Translation Week and we want to create conversations and recognise translation professionals, which are becoming increasingly essential in order for us to be able to enjoy all the amazing international literature that is out there worldwide.
  • The Carnivorous Plant Sneak Peek

    The Carnivorous Plant Sneak Peek

    As some of you may already know, we will be launching our third book by publishing a title that stays true to our radical spirit: The Carnivorous Plant, written by Andrea Mayo and translated from Catalan by Laura McLoughlin. This is the first LGBTQ+ fiction in translation title in our 3TimesRebel Press’ catalogue. 

  • Let us introduce you to Anna Pont

    Let us introduce you to Anna Pont

    Let us introduce you to Anna Pont, she´s extremely talented and illustrates all of our books. We feel so grateful that she´s part of our team!

    She tells us about her own creative journey: ‘I have always been attracted to critical art, the kind of art that moves you or makes you think...

  • Sunrise catcher

    Sunrise catcher

    I am Bibiana, Catalan by birth and Scottish by adoption. I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend; a doula, an antenatal teacher, a bookseller, a home-educator and even sometimes a waitress. I am a bookworm with a Masters in Book Publishing and a poetry lover. But above all, I am a beauty hunter and a sunrise catcher.
  • Introducing Núria Bendicho

    Introducing Núria Bendicho

    Today we introduce Núria Bendicho, the Catalan writer of our powerful book Dead Lands.

    Núria started her passion for reading and writing books from an early age: ‘I must have been eight or nine years old. It wasn’t a mere impulse, but an obligation. I felt I had to be a writer, no matter what it took.

  • 3TimesRebel Books

    3TimesRebel Books

    At 3TimesRebel we believe our books are precious & beautiful objects, not only do we love offering amazing literature, but also we like taking care of every little detail in the making of the book, from selecting the artwork displayed on it, to the feel of the book itself when it is in your hands.