Our new books now available!

Our new books now available!

By Bibiana Mas

This adventure has begun.
We can finally shout out loud that we exist, that our authors exist, that their stories will captivate you, that they will shake you, make you cry and laugh.

But most of all, they will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to ask questions. And who knows, maybe through their voices and their stories, we will all learn to see the world differently.


Let’s make the invisible visible!

Mothers Don’t is a book halfway between a thriller and a journalistic chronicle. A story about the primal guilt that comes with becoming a mother.

‘I was those hands. The hands that drowned the babies. The mother’s hands. The hands that had no mercy.’
‘A lover while pregnant, I broke a big taboo there, didn’t I? Maybe a mother’s biggest taboo.’

Dead Lands is a rural drama, a dark and extreme story that revolves around death and about the falsehood of believing that we choose freely.

‘Everyone must learn to live with their secrets or die for them, they are never forgotten.’


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