No longer a dream but a reality

No longer a dream but a reality

By Bibiana Mas

After two years of hard work, of putting in all my passion and effort, and the effort of all the people who are a part of 3TimesRebel, finally, my project comes to light. Now it is no longer a dream but a reality. Or is it the reality that has become a dream? Who knows ...

I have drawn this dream at the same time that I was re-tracing myself. I have learnt to be the architect of my identity in a world in which being a woman, a partner, a mother, a daughter, a carer, a creative, an entrepreneur, and a thousand other nouns and adjectives, are impossible to achieve without fearing failure. Without feeling guilt for not achieving everything. Without feeling invisible, whatever one's personal situation may be.

Now, after this long journey, I open my eyes and I see that it’s possible to do things in a different way. That it’s possible to lead a project from what I am, not from what they want me to be, reproducing roles that do not allow us to move forward. It’s possible to lead from the acknowledgement of the other, from knowing how to listen, knowing how to stop when necessary, knowing how to reach out and knowing how to ask for help. It’s possible to lead by respecting the dynamics of those who work with you. It’s possible to be grateful, because the effort of those around you is a gift to be treasured. I have learnt that it’s possible to be fair, and at the same time, successful. 

This adventure has only just begun. Now, we need the voices of all these powerful women to resonate in our souls. Now, that so many people are losing so many rights. Now that many believe that we are better off keeping quiet. Now, more than ever, we need to make sure our voices are heard. Through stories that revolve us, we will create the space to talk about challenging thoughts that we all have inside but that sometimes we don't feel comfortable to share --always without judgement. Let’s make the act of putting ourselves in the other's shoes a way of transgressing, in order to leave taboos behind, to become freer. 


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