Sunrise catcher

Sunrise catcher

I am Bibiana, Catalan by birth and Scottish by adoption. I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend; a doula, an antenatal teacher, a bookseller, a home-educator and even sometimes a waitress. I am a bookworm with a Masters in Book Publishing and a poetry lover. But above all, I am a beauty hunter and a sunrise catcher.

3TimesRebel is a personal project born out of my passion for literature and my rebellion against a world that too often makes women invisible and does not allow us to fully develop our professional careers.


  • Thank you so much Lisa. Mother´s don´t is an incredible book, it brings to he light the dark side of maternity and it does not leave you indifferent after reading it.
    Let´s make the invisible visible! 💜

    3TimesRebel on

  • Well this is very lovely, Bibiana! I love what 3TimesRebel stands for and thought Mothers Don’t was one of the most memorable books I’ve ever read. I wish you all a huge success. Let’s continue making the invisible visible! 💪🏻

    Lisa ‘OwlBeSatReading’ on

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