Let us introduce you to Anna Pont

Let us introduce you to Anna Pont

Let us introduce you to Anna Pont, she´s extremely talented and illustrates all of our books. We feel so grateful that she´s part of our team!

She tells us about her own creative journey: ‘I have always been attracted to critical art, the kind of art that moves you or makes you think. In my early days, I drew portraits and I was mainly focused on refining my technique. Gradually, the technique was no longer as important as what I could tell through my paintings. I always work with human figures and I use watercolour and Indian ink on canvas or paper, always in black and white; I rarely introduce colour.

I like to deform the characters in my compositions and introduce elements that distort or generate a certain background story. I try to play with the ambiguity of the situations so that everyone can make a more personal interpretation, and that is why I leave out the context and I never paint the surrounding spaces where the characters are located.

The white space of the canvas or paper is always present in my compositions and it often helps to reinforce what I am trying to explain. Someone was once surprised that, as an architect by profession, I decided not to depict the surroundings, as if they were reserved only for the other half of my life’.

Let´s help the minority voices gain the recognition they deserve.

Let´s make the invisible visible.



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