International Translation Week. Kristin Addis.

International Translation Week. Kristin Addis.

We are in Translation Week and we want to create conversations and recognise translation professionals, which are becoming increasingly essential in order for us to be able to enjoy all the amazing international literature that is out there worldwide.

Let us introduce you to Kristin Addis, she is the amazing translator of MOTHERS DON´T by Katixa Agirre. Kristin Addis has worked for some thirty years as a translator now. She translates primarily between Spanish or Basque and English, and is one of few who translate directly from Basque into English. 

She specialises in literary translation, which she especially enjoys, and has translated short stories, novels and poetry. She has also translated various works about the Basque language and culture.

Ms Addis has spent many years in the Basque Country; she currently resides in Iowa with her family.  

Find MOTHERS DON’T by Katixa Agirre at your local bookshop or on our e-shop.


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