Andrea Mayo (Flavia Company)

Andrea Mayo is the name of one of the many characters created by Flavia Company. Now the author uses it as one of her heteronyms. The Carnivorous Plant is Andrea Mayo's first novel, which begins with a sentence that forms the basis of her poetics: "From now on I am going to tell the whole truth. From now on, everything I explain will be true".

Born in Buenos Aires, Flavia moved to Barcelona at an early age. She is the author of more than 10 novels. In June 2018, she started a trip around the world, (with no date or place of return). During that trip she decided to stop signing with her real name and to start using heteronyms from the characters in her novels (first Haru in 2020 and Andrea Mayo since 2021). In the stage trip to Singapore and Borneo she encountered real carnivorous plants, and she had a vision of what The Carnivorous Plant would be.

Andrea Mayo

The Carnivorous Plant

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