Introducing Iolanda Batallé

Introducing Iolanda Batallé

Today we would like to introduce you to lolanda Batallé, the Catalan writer of our new upcoming publication I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT, translated from Catalan by the amazing mother and daughter team Martha Tennent and Maruxa Relaño.

There are so many things I love about Iolanda. Her energy and vitality, her smile and the way she laughs. I deeply admire the way she sees the world, and how she always dares to do things in her own way, even if it sometimes goes against the tide. But it is how she writes that made me fall in love with her: she has the ability to draw me into a dreamlike world in which thinking and feeling become one and the same thing. Iolanda has the ability to hypnotise me with her words just like Alessandro Baricco does. That's why I never doubted for a second having her as a 3TimesRebel writer with us.

I hope you enjoy her book as much as I did 💜

Iolanda Batallé (Catalonia - 1971) might well have had a hundred lovers, studied literature at Berkeley, and lived on four continents. Whatever she did, a decade ago she said goodbye to all of it by writing this exceptional novel, I’ll Do Anything You Want; winner of the Prudenci Bertrana prize (one of the most prestigious literary prizes awarded to books written in Catalan). As well as being a writer, she is also a publisher. Batallé has founded and directed several publishing imprints, has been responsible for raising international awareness of the cultural projection of her country’s government, and she currently runs Ona - an emblematic bookshop in her home city; a house of culture and a house of literature. She has a son, a partner, a dog and lives in Barcelona.


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