Dead Lands

Dead Lands

By Bibiana Mas

Don't you dare to publish first novels, you already have so much to choose from, what a mistake it would be, who knows how it will turn out.

You should have seen me: I, being an easily fixated person, spent I don't know how many nights with Núria Bendicho's book inside my head. I acknowledge that at that time almost nobody knew her. And of course, such a young writer, how bold you are!

But what is the point of making the invisible visible, if we do not let these young, free and fearless voices, shake the ground we walk on? What is the point of not wanting to take risks, when you feel deep inside your own soul that this woman is a marvellous writer, and that with her words alone, with her stories, she is capable of touching the whole of you?

Be prepared to walk in mud and dirt, be prepared to smell and taste human vileness. But be prepared also to feel beauty even where it seems impossible to appear. This is the magic that Bendicho is able to create. I don't want you to believe me, though, just because I am the one who has decided to publish it. Read it and experience it inside your own skin.


'Everyone must learn to live with their secrets or die for them, they are never forgotten.'

'Things never go the way we want them to. Things always go wrong.' 

A violent death unleashes the story of a cursed lineage. Jon was shot in the back, in an isolated house where the only other occupants were his family. Who pulled the trigger?

Thirteen characters. Thirteen different points of view.

Dead Lands is a kaleidoscopic narrative that unfurls an atavistic universe where characters are burdened by brutal origins, two deaths, and a dark secret.


Available from 14th July 2022 



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