We often face the same question: why our books are not cheaper? But let us ask the question the other way round: at what point in the book chain production (from start to finish) something is not done correctly to make the price of so many books so cheap? We are not willing to lower the value of our collaborators or the quality of our books, that's why they are worth what they are worth, not a penny more, not a penny less.


As a pioneering fair trade publisher, at 3TimesRebel Press we are committed to doing the right thing with our partners, our community and our planet, as reflected in our mantra “we only win if we all win.” We work to achieve equitable agreements with the authors, translators, illustrators and partners. Our books are locally printed in the UK using responsibly sourced paper, minimising carbon footprint and following environmentally friendly standards.


We are also committed to supporting charitable initiatives empowering women in the UK. At the end of each financial year we are committed to donating part of our profits to a different charitable organisation each time, in order to give back to the community that gives us so much every day.


We are fairtraders. This is our choice.


We are 3TimesRebel.